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  1. krgraham


    I've got similar problems but CANNOT update. I'm running 1.4.1 but when I go to App Store is just gives me the option to Open the installed app. It lists the latest version as 1.4.2 but there is NO way to update my installed version. HELP please.
  2. Thanks, barninga. That was a great answer. Madame also provide help as using the Alt (option) key when dragging on a corner will maintain the ratio if absolute dimensions are specified. Like This Quote MultiQuote
  3. I cannot get the crop tool to work properly. I set the mode (e.g. to 6x4) but as soon as I drag any of the handles, whether or not holding the shift key, the outline is always unconstrained. There must be a way to lock in the crop ratio but I CANNOT get it to work. I've tried changing the move tool Preferences but this has no effect.