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  1. hi i have reviewed the tutorial of D&B and now use it regularly. because i use it regularly i made two layers 'dodge, burn' and grouped them together. when i want to use them i copy them from the original to the photo i am working on. my issue is the burn tool works but not the dodge tool. if i make a separate layer the dodge tool works. this is the same on many photos. when i go back to the original photo the dodge tool works. the layers are activated. thanks in advance, hope that made sense Alan
  2. Hi MEB thanks for the reply. here is a series of screen shots to explain. first one is the postcard i am building, second is the bird to be added, third is the result of dragging the bird (background) onto the postcard. it has replicated the beech layer. still think i am doing something not quite right copy and paste works! cheers.
  3. Hi i want to drag a layer from one photo to another. i have opened in separated mode and grabbed a layer from one photo, green + symbol seen, it opened the receiving layer, and when i released the mouse button it copied another layer on the receiving layer. obviously doing something basic wrong. just started out with affinity as i used to use photoshop. thanks Alan
  4. Hi as part of my photo workflow i have tagged my photos in finder. when i open them in AP and then save, the tag information has disappeared. is this correct and if so does AP have a way of assigning tags? Thanks
  5. Hi Not sure how to contact you directly and if this is the correct forum - however here goes. i have recently purchased an apple mac because my windows machine has been stolen. I used to use photoshop. a friend suggested that before i buy photoshop i should review Affinity as he believed it was a very good alternative. I have been reviewing affinity photo by viewing the web site and listening to the videos. I was going to purchase the software after christmas however on Tuesday this week i noticed that it was on special offer. so i went straight in and purchased it. however i now find out that i have purchased DESIGNER and not PHOTO. i do not require designer as i only deal with editing photos. Can you please assist. many thanks Alan