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  1. Hello All, When opening a new file in the Draw Persona (and creating vector art) or opening an existing afdesign file, the artwork remains hidden behind a gray field. (the gray field doesn't show up as a layer.) The vector artwork, if clicked on with selection tool, can be seen with nodes but when you click outside of the art work it disappears again. I've tried adjusting parameters within the preferences and document setup but nothing changes. I also re-installed AD and the same issue happened. I've attached screen shots of the 'node view' and the 'disappearing artwork' field. Thanks for any input!
  2. I completed that operation 2x but it didn't resolve the issue. thank you for the response!
  3. For what it's worth: I just found out the same issue is happening in AffinityPhoto when I open an existing .jpg or AP file or new file... And in both AD and AP, when I print, the image/artwork show up fine in the Print dialogue box. Thank you both for the quick response!
  4. Dimensions: 4.692" by 5.445" DPI: 96
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    Color function

    Thank You for the quick response! The application is working now! ..
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    Color function

    Hello, A recent update to my AD occurred, now being at 1.4 and on opening a new document I am unable to apply fill or stroke colors to both Text and/or shapes. I've played around with size of stroke etc..to no avail as well as using the menu bar and the toolbar to the right side of the workspace. **The changes to color do show up on the thumbnail in the layers toolbar but not on the canvas. Is it possible to revert to the previous version if you don't know what the issue may be? Thank You for your time