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  1. Many thanks R C-R, I'm all sorted now and have them just as I want.
  2. Thanks thomaso for replying. In answer to your questions; after deleting the .propcol file I added the set again. Whilst no new propcol file was created the tally number for the set increased by 1 again. Unfortunately not, as I think I did a brush reset from preferences first. I cannot remember if I closed it first or not, I’ll give that another try. See answer to the first question. Thanks again for your input, I’ll try again shortly but it looks like I’ll just have to live my mistake and hope it doesn’t interfere with anything else, and call it a day.
  3. Many thanks Alfred, I was probably hoping someone knew where the app saved them so I could ensure they had been removed.
  4. Well the short answer is nothing. Deleting the vector_brushes.propcol file did nothing and resetting the brushes in Preferences reset the brushes back to default, as expected. Still cannot find where any of the brushes as stored in the app or elsewhere. If anyone has any further suggestions these will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks Walt and thomaso I’ll give it a try and see what happens.
  6. Thanks again Carl, and yes I agree why install if you don't have the app.
  7. Thanks carl123 that will explain it then. Next question, how do I remove those that have been successfully installed if I don't have AD?
  8. With the generosity of various forum members I have downloaded a selection of free brushes for use in AP and have been able to import all but one set successfully. Each time I imported this set it says that I have successfully imported them and tells me there was 5 vector brushes in the set. However when selecting the brushes palette this particular set is missing. Please give me some direction as to where these have been placed. I have tried to look in all the familiar places, ie Library and package contents but to no avail. Each import has an incremental number after the set name (as i thought that I had done it wrong at the time, so tried again) which is now at 9 but I still cannot find them. Hopefully when they can be found I can delete the extras and be left with only the one set. For information this is AP v1.7.1, using OSX 10.11.6 & 10.14.5 Thanks in advance for any help given.
  9. Hi Paul Many thanks for your assistance in identifying that there is an issue and it wasn't me doing something wrong. Lets hope it can get sorted fairly quickly.
  10. Hi pauls Hopefully below are 3 images. The first two are individuals that are included in the panorama, while the third is the actual panorama. I have included them as jpeg images as the originals are in raw and are some 75mb in size and the panorama is in tiff at 340mb, which I thought would be too large to post. Hopefully these will help you, but feel free to ask for any other info.
  11. Hi pauls Thanks for the pointer, hadn't found that one, but I have now and the option is ticked. However it made no difference there is still no metadata attached to the image. I have tried 2 different export formats (jpeg & tiff) but have the same result, no exif data. The 5 images used to create the panorama have their individual exif data, but when combined in File>New Panorama all the exif data is lost on the resultant image. Any other suggestion would be appreciated.
  12. Hi All Relatively new to Affinity, haven't used it much since buying on the strength of a trail to create a panorama. Easy to use and creates easy panoramas with very little editing needed of the image after merging. My question is that where does all the Exif data go? I created a pano from 5 shots all of which had their individual Exif data present. The resultant one image had all of its data missing. Now I've had this issue previously with other software but all the camera details were retained only the date and time were blank so that was easy to rectify. Is this a 'design feature' of the app or am I missing something? Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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