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  1. It seems that if I manage to load Affinity Designer it won't accept files I made in the program. i followed an earlier instruction about deleting fonts. Most time it just spins. I can load anything else and can open documents on my macbook where I downloaded a trial version to test my files. I purchased through Apple Store on my imac. How can do a reinstall to see if that is the problem? I am beginning to thing I should have stuck to Illustrator which I don't have bugs with!
  2. Fixed. I used Time Machine to go back a month and changed over Suitcase 6. I changed Font Book to dump all but Standard fonts. Ran Disk Utility and Clean my Mac 3. Restarted and then put back my typeface I required. And it worked. Thanks to all.
  3. If I uninstall Affinity Designer from my system. Can I reinstall from Apple Apps as I have a paid version. I can also reinstall Suitcase 6 which should give me no typefaces in the program. I am not sure about Font Book, perhaps I can clean up permissions from Library! But never tried that. The Trial version yesterday worked perfectly on my laptop, but when I transferred files back same Permissions problem. At least I have not lost them. I appreciate everyones help in this. John
  4. I did load Suitcase Fusion 6 to change a type face. Strange ting now is that Suitcase will not verify any typefaces. I can't open even my earliest designs in Affinity. But loading the Trial onto another computer, I can open files that I can't open on my iMac. I have run diagnostics and they all say there is no problem. I think perhaps I will have to reinstall various programs. Any thoughts.
  5. Please can anyone tell me why two days ago I could access all my Affinity Designer files. Yesterday I get this message on all my files. I have give access/permissions using File info on all of the files and folders. Also when I finally got one to open I had a black (not white) artboard. I am so frustrated that I downloaded the trial version of Affinity Designer onto my laptop and worked to create my files again. I had NO PROBLEM with redesigning and saving these files. I then copied them onto my usb and tried opening new files on my main working imac. You guessed it Permissions denied. Have I a corrupt application and if so will they send me a new one without having to rebuy? Has anyone had these problems, I like this program and would hate to have to go back to Illustrator. John Elsegood
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