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  1. sky7i

    1.4.1 updates out now

    Seems intentional... that's the price listed on the web site as well. Photo has since gone up, however.
  2. sky7i

    Text on curve

    I too hope Affinity will reconsider the omission of this feature from Photo. Although Designer is a great value for those who do any sort of illustration, I would really only use it for text-on-a-curve, superimposed on top of photographs. I can accomplish this, inelegantly, but taking my final photograph and using a $3 iPhone app to add the text, but it would be so much more convenient to just finish the job in Photo. I think this is why Adobe saw the merits of including the feature in Photoshop and not just illustrator. I do have a need for a page layout program, and I assume Affinity Publisher will have a lot of text handling features including text-on-path. Hopefully this will enable the feature in AP as well...?
  3. Hello! I shoot many photos with a Canon Elph 500 HS, a compact with a great 24mm, F2.0 lens. I use CHDK to enable RAW mode on the camera, which is great except that I then miss out on the camera's barrel distortion correction. This is one of the reasons I am thinking of purchasing Affinity Photo. I assume I can use Affinity Photo to correct for this (can I?), but can this somehow be made a near-automatic procedure, or will I have to fiddle around for each and every photo? Will it be possible to create a lens profile? A sample photo is attached. Many thanks.

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