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    mqudsi reacted to Chris B in AD "content preview" for open dialog doesn't know about clipping masks   
    Hey mqudsi,

    Thanks for this. I'll log it with development for you  
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    mqudsi got a reaction from shojtsy in .afdesign file is unnecessarily huge   
    @carl123 I think you may have perhaps missed my point, which is that there's no data in that file that needs to be stored in the save file. From a developer's perspective, massive data that's dynamically generated from small input data is cache content and not core source/save file content.
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    mqudsi got a reaction from DenisFerma in Vector masking broken with unfilled mask   
    Thanks for the reply, Sean. The terminology is eluding me, but (referencing your images from here on out) I'm not understanding how the 4th image (bottom right) is correct. Each row has the same operation performed on it, each column has the same items/color.
    The operation performed in the second row, as demonstrated in the first column, results in the intersection of the two shapes being retained. The green fill of the rectangle does not appear anywhere in that resulting image. When the only change that is made is that the green fill is changed to no fill, we go from "intersection of the two shapes retaining the fill of the red rectangle" to "stroke of second shape in the color of the first, and the intersection of the two shapes with the (no) fill of the second shape (rectangle)."
    I am extremely confused how, if the only difference between operations 3 and 4 is the fill of the second shape which does not appear in the final result per image 3, do we end up with a completely different result.
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    mqudsi got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Affinity Designer 1.6.x does not run on Windows   
    Manually blowing away the Affinity Designer folder under Program Files and then reinstalling resolved the issue.
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    mqudsi got a reaction from carl123 in Cannot type in layer effects fill opacity box   
    In the Effects tab, it is not possible to type in a value in the Fill Opacity editbox. Clicking in it simply shows the drag/slider for modifying the fill opacity, but there's no option to type in the desired percentage.
    Since this is an edit box, the expectation here is that content can be typed in. If there is no intention of allowing a user to type into this edit box, then the edit box should be replaced with a read-only label (please don't do that, though!)..

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    mqudsi got a reaction from Chris B in AD doesn't support Ctrl+F4 on Windows   
    Thanks for the reply, Chris.
    I understand, I've actually already done so myself. This is a suggestion/feature request to support this keyboard shortcut out-of-the-box on Windows.
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    mqudsi reacted to MEB in [Fixed] "Export selection only" does not account for stroke, causes clipping   
    Thanks for the report and files mqudsi,
    Issue logged to be looked at.
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    mqudsi reacted to Dave Harris in [Fixed] "Export selection only" does not account for stroke, causes clipping   
    Thanks for your help with this bug. We have now resolved the problem and will make the fix available in 1.5 beta 1.
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    mqudsi got a reaction from Danielmoji in Snap pixel object to pixel object?   
    I'm sure there's a very easy way to do this that I just haven't yet figured out, but if I have pixel objects in my workspace, is there any way to snap another pixel object to their bounding box?
    It's very confusing because if I have a pixel object, I can drag it around and it'll snap to the artboard or any vector objects present, but for some reason, I can't seem to get pixel objects to snap to the borders of bounding boxes around other pixel objects. I do have all the snapping options set in the snapping manager.
    Is this just something that is temporarily not (yet) possible or something that is by design? If you consider a pixel object to be snappable to a vector object, then there shouldn't be anything existentially preventing pixel objects from snapping to one another?