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  1. EPS is attached. Comparison with Illustrator: Background ramadan mubarak vector design set 15.eps
  2. I don't understand your question. It's the same document zoomed to the same level. But it's not an issue of scaling, straight lines are being rendered as blocks, curves are broken (look at the letters), many artifacts.
  3. Hello, Something that has often vexed me about AD is the lack of consistency with regards to the modifiers for drag resizing, in particular the behavior of proportional-scaling with and without the shift modifier key held down while resizing. To further illustrate, in most places in AD the behavior is consistent with that of Illustrator and most other editing software: a normal drag-to-resize operation from the sides or corners will result in a "free scale" resize that does not lock the x:y ratio while resizing while holding down the shift key while resizing forces the x:y ratio lock to be activated and scales both proportionately. However, when dragging an artistic text object to resize, the default behavior is aspect ratio locked, and holding down shift switches it to unlocked - rather disconcerting when you drag in a fairly-even diagonal while holding shift only to later realize that the object is skewed because your use of shift unlocked the ratios. Any chance of getting this fixed? Thanks in advance!
  4. I have an AD file that has some text from a font (Lavenderia) that has overlapping glyphs. They are displayed and rendered correctly in AD, but upon export (with or without rasterization enabled), the stroke around both the behind and in front character is visible (i.e. the rear glyph's stroke is not obscured by the front glyph's stroke). in AD: Resulting PDF:
  5. There seems to be a bug in AD that causes some calculation or rendering to get stuck in an infinite loop, with nothing but a simple SVG with few paths and no complicated features, AD will be taking up ~50% of the available GPU while doing absolutely nothing (and even minimized). I've been noticing this problem since AD 1.5, and currently can reproduce it in the latest 1.6.1 release (which isn't to say that it didn't happen pre-1.5, of course). The only possible factor I could think of is that I've only ever seen it on high-dpi devices (with a non-100%/96dpi configuration), but I'm not sure if that's just a coincidence or not. This happens on multiple PCs with different makes and models of graphics cards (Intel, nVidia, and AMD) so it's not a GPU driver issue. Is there some sort of logging that can be enabled that would help track this down?
  6. mqudsi

    High idle GPU usage

    Just experienced this again. Went through all the tabs and hit 'ctrl+d' as per your instructions in another thread, but no effect. ~60% GPU and 20% CPU (out of 8 cores) doing nothing:
  7. Running 1.6.4, I have a reproducible crash when resizing an object in an embedded document past the edges of the page. This triggers a null pointer dereference in libraster.dll The crash dump is attached. 9f4c237f-3912-481d-8990-8210b207b97c.dmp
  8. 1. Create new document 2. Add artboard 3. Export to PDF The resulting pdf has artboard 2 as page 1 and artboard 1 as page 2.
  9. I don't understand. Everyone is reporting different results. I create a document then add a second art board (to the right of the first) and I end up with artboard 2 on page 1 and artboard 1 on page 2. That's the exact opposite of what @walt.farrell is reporting?
  10. I don't know if you're seeing the same crash that I'm seeing, because mine traced back to a null dereference in libraster during the draw operation.
  11. No, they're all local. Nothing special about the on-disk layout.
  12. Do you mean in the opposite order that they were created?
  13. AD's "print range" feature when printing set to "document" results in an usable rectangle centered on all artboards rather than printing an artboard per page (or at least offering that option). e.g. currently designing a tri-fold brochure, so I need artboard 1 to print on one face and artboard 2 to print on the other. AD only lets me print one or the other via manual selection, while selecting the desired "document" range results in the following: This is what my artboards look like, each is an 8.5x11 document:
  14. For some reason AD's "export for print" pdf profile is resulting in horrible downsampling. Here's the png export: And here's a lossless screenshot of what AD exports with the default "export for print" profile (as pdf): The embedded image has been completely destroyed. The original AD file has been attached. pfl remittance outside.afdesign
  15. Since AD doesn't have an option to "save embedded document as" (pretty please add this really soon?), I thought I could mimic that by opening the embedded document, selecting all, copy, ctrl+alt+shift+n to create new document from clipboard, and then save. Unfortunately with the attached document that is not possible. Copying the content then pasting it into a new AD document results in a corruption of the contents: not all objects are copied over and their locations are shifted. Chart.afdesign
  16. @Chris_K and others, just ran into this again with 1.6.4 and caught myself before submitting for print at the last second. This isn't an issue with PDF's patchy support for embedded content, there's a bug in AD that is causing extreme bitrate starvation in the jpeg compression when a downsample is triggered from an embedded document. It's important to point out that "embedded document" can mean something as simple as a JPEG that has been dragged onto the canvas. Please look at the following two PDFs. They're the same file exported both "for print" and "for export". The "for print" is not even usable on a dot matrix printer from the 90s let alone professional printing. The "for export" exhibits compression artifacts (far greater than I'd expect) but it's at least usable. The other one, despite still being 2MiB in size, is absolutely unfit for any purpose.
  17. Hello there, I installed the attached ICM on Windows 10 and associated it with the printer. The AD print dialog does not allow selection of this profile (though it shows other user-installed profiles such as the one for my monitor). Xerox VersaLink C500_C505.icm
  18. @Chris_K in the closed duplicate thread, you wrote: Yes, I see some basic CMYK profiles there (such as US Web Coated SWOP). However, none of these appear in the print dialog's color profile drop-down. Is that a bug?
  19. I don't think that should preclude it from activation when being clicked on, though. A regular "group" can be clicked on to select, and this is more or less just a special group.
  20. I am unable to select the main object in the attached file by clicking on it in the canvas. The layer isn't locked. CPSA Book.afdesign
  21. Thanks, @Chris B I would appreciate if you could post a beta build with the fix for this as soon as it's available. It happens in a lot of other cases when simply moving or resizing regular content in embedded documents (not just past the edge of the canvas), I lost a lot of work yesterday thanks to this combined with the lack of ctrl+s within an embedded document.
  22. Thanks, @MEB. Glad to know it's considered a bug and not by design for reasons beyond my limited comprehension! Cheers.
  23. If I export the attached document as a PDF/x4 in AD 1.6.4, the header image comes out with the wrong colors (unneeded or missing cmyk/rgb conversion). Rasterizing the image first then exporting results in the correct colors. https://dev.neosmart.net/OpenHouse.afdesign
  24. Oh, thanks. Maybe ctrl+shift+a or something should "force select all".
  25. This file was created in AD 1.6.4, the only non-native objects are four JPEG images that were dragged-and-dropped onto the canvas totalling 11MiB in size. It contains no other rasterized content, everything else is vector artwork and dynamically computed filters/effects. However, the resulting file size is 172MiB. https://dev.neosmart.net/OpenHouse.afdesign

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