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    wildscribe got a reaction from halfnibble in Is it possible to just export selected objects?   
    I am a long-time Xara user. It is a Windows only program (Although there is a Linux version that hasn't been updated in ages.) and it is super simple to use.
    One of the things that I like about Xara is you can just select an object on a page, like a 720 x 90 ad banner on say a 1200 x 800 page and then export it as a png file and it only exports the banner, not the entire page.
    I have found that with Abobe Illustrator and now Affinity, the only way that you can export an item is to create a file that is the exact side of the object you want to export. Otherwise, when you export, it exports everything on the page. 
    Maybe I am doing something wrong, but is is possible for me to just a select object to export or do I need to create a new file that is the same size as the item I want to export?  
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    wildscribe got a reaction from rsallen in Some Xara awesomness   
    Wow! It's great to know that other Xara fans are interested in Affinity. 
    I have been using Xara since it was released at Corel Xara in 1996. Great tool and I still using it today (Almost 20 years!).  
    In fact, Xara is the only reason why I still keep a Windows PC in my office. Otherwise, I would do everything in the Mac ecosystem. I have shown Xara to many hard core Illustrator folks and they are always amazed at how Xara handles things like gradients, rounded corners, exporting, etc.
    I am also happy to discover that Matt has worked on Xara. So hopefully, he can incorporate some Xara features into Affinity. (I love the color palette that runs in the bottom of Xara. It would be great if you put that in as a option.)
    - - WiLd