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  1. No… I think it may be because I was exporting as a .psd Then again I may of just done something to effect the type without being aware of it. Thanks
  2. I'm working on some stuff in Affinity Photo. I am organizing and locking layers as I build out my document, but sometimes when I go back the type I set — it has been pixelated. I'm so confused. It has happened in a few documents in the past and I just figured I somehow rasterized the type. So this time I've been extremely cognizant of locking layers so I don't mistakenly rasterize the type. Im still finding that some type is rasterizing. I'm curious… anyone have any clue what I'm doing wrong? Is there a short cut I may be hitting ? Thanks
  3. AHHH — Convert to Curves! Yes! :lol: Thank You Alex!
  4. Hey! Thanks for the quick response! I must be retarded — I cannot find this option. Node tool, pressing A, restarting the application… does nothing for me. Is there a way to reset the workspace or something? I must of removed that section. or Another way I can delete the 2 points off of an ellipse? It would be nice if I could easily select the point and hit delete on my keyboard. Thanks :)
  5. How do I bring the widget / icons shown in Break Curve.jpg up in my application? I've been digging around and clicking in the tabs of the app but find my self confused. I've been trying to divide an ellipse in half for 20 minutes ;P