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  1. wam3mac

    Export to PDF for Printing error

    Thank you for the assistance!
  2. I am having issues with this feature as well. It worked on 4 files but the 5th file will not allow me to export. Keeps telling me there is an error. My work around it was to export as a SVG file then reimport the SVG and then export to PDF for printing. Can someone look at my file to see if there is anything wrong with it? Experience_Card.afdesign
  3. wam3mac

    Table > Cell

    Correction, both the width and height adjust issues affect the bottom row. It grows on its own.
  4. wam3mac

    Table > Cell

    I am having the same issue in version 1.70.133, but just the height arrows. The bottom row continues to grow even when deleting a cell and adding a new bottom cell. Table_Bug.afpub
  5. I have an issue when trying to edit the last row of my table. When you try to adjust the height of the row, either up or down in size, the table cell continues to grow. Even after you delete the last row the table grows in size. Table_Bug.afpub
  6. I need to get my account reset so I may try to download the free content again as my computer connection stopped and my downloads froze. I tried logging back in to re-download the items and I get a red box message that this basket has already been used.