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  1. Just got a Huion GT 191 today, and I can confirm the same issue with the latest Mac Store version of Affinity Photo. Pressure sensitivity is extremely low and I tried all pressure related brush settings. Sensitivity does not change or improve in the slightest, no matter how I adjust the sliders or curves. I have to press hard in order to make line strokes appear. That problem does not exist in other painting applications I tested. The Huion driver also comes with a test area for tuning the pressure sensitivity and it easily recognizes the lightest touches. So I doubt it's anything to do with the hardware or the pen not being fully charged. I also have the exact same problem with the automatic switch to the eraser tool. It is triggered by using the "brush swap" button, which is one of the two buttons on the Huion pen. I'm not 100% what the technical nature is but I believe it changes the pen so the tip switches to eraser mode. Another click switches it back to brush mode. The tool change (after click) is supposed to happen when the tip gets close to the screen. That seems to be throwing Affinity off. Only the automatic switch to eraser mode works, but clicking the switch button and getting close to the screen does not switch back to the brush tool. Other drawing apps like Rebelle 2 do not have that issue. Both pressure sensitivity and the tool switch button work fine.
  2. Hi Chris, I recorded a video that shows what's happening: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-4LcSdCyHtSN3lVVS1fRUw3bUE/view?usp=sharing When switching back to Affinity's desktop its "studio view" windows (tool bars, history, layers etc.) are gone, even when I give Affinity focus by clicking its icon in the dock bar. The menu bar at the top does at least say "Affinity Designer" and the menu is functional. Any open document window also remains visible. It's just all other Affinity windows that are gone. They seem to be stuck somewhere in the background when I do the following: 1. Hit <F3> or <Control> + <up key> for switching to "Mission Control" -> makes Affinity windows disappear immediately which is unusual 2. <Control> + <left/right key> for switching to a different desktop while in "Mission Control" 3. <F3> or <Control> + <up> again for leaving "Mission Control" 4. <Control> + <left/right key> for switching back to the desktop with Affinity Affinity disappeared and only pressing either <F3> or <Control> + <up> twice brings it back again.
  3. I don't have an Apple Magic Mouse or track pad, so I have to pan the view port by keeping the space bar pressed and clicking + dragging the document's content around using a regular mouse. This works fine when a document is freshly opened and nothing has been changed, yet. However, once you add a new object things change to the following behavior: when the mouse cursor gets near any window border of the edited document some automatic panning kicks in that quickly moves the view port to the exact opposite direction. Since I use Affinity Designer in separated window mode this happens very often.
  4. A minor bug causes the user interface to disappear when doing the following: Create at least 2 virtual desktops in Mac OS X Switch Affinity Designer to separated mode Press control + up Switch to a different desktop (control + left or right) Press control + up again Switch back to desktop with Affinity Designer (control + left or right) The floating windows (toolbars, side-bar) "permanently" disappear and can only be brought back by pressing control + up twice.
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