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  1. Hi. I am Sheila with an iMac with all updates and Affinity . Using Affinity to acquire images to was horrible today. No images to see. Had to use my scanner from" preview and then try to pull into AFFINITY. Also tried to use panoramic today because my scanner is to small for my art drawing. Nope. Wouldn't work. I did take many scan of the image but affinity showed zero pictures to pull into the panoramic programming. So I use my Nikon camera to take pictures of my drawings after I hang them on a wall. My drawing are black on white paper. When pulled into affinity they are no longer black and white. I wanted to make them into a black & white colouring book , but the black drawings on white paper turn out to be discoloured. I am frustrated. I keep trying to follow tutorials. But when the scanner says it is being used by the Affinity program and there is zero picture, it doesn't help.
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