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    3ark reacted to Silvia in LUTs .cube on iPad AP   
    Help section says it can read .cube LUTs. I can choose a .look or a .3dl but the .cube are grayed out.   Any solution to this?  Thanks
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    3ark reacted to paologrinza in Luminosity shift issue in HSL adjustment (Affinity Photo)   
    Hi there,
    I recently bought Affinity Photo and I'm trying to understand how it performs in my workflow as a substitute of Ps. Apparently there's a strange behaviour in the luminosity shift adjustment when you choose a single color and not the master option.
    I attached a few screenshots to illustrate the problem:
    1)  affinity_before_correction.png shows the image when opened with AP (I used a .psd file);
    2)  affinity_w_correction.png shows the image when a slight luminosity shift of -10% is applied to the yellow color, the problem I'm referring to is the appearance of those grey "artifacts";
    3) ps_w_similar_correction.png shows the image when a "similar" correction is applied in Ps, I say similar because I don't know if the corrections in the two programs are comparable in magnitude. Consider that such a problem never shows up in Ps even with huge corrections in the same channel.
    As a final remark let me say that I tried different images from different cameras and in different channels finding always the same pattern (even with positive luminosity shifts).
    Is there a real issue here? Am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks a lot for your answer,
    P.S.: let me say that in all other aspects I tried, the program works very well. Good job! 


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