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    Stop Frame Animation

    I will plus one this. I was hoping to uninstall all of Adobe's bloat but now I have to reinstall Photoshop so I can create an animated logo as a progress loader. Custom animated loaders (especially animated logos as loaders) are a common task. At the least, implementing the ability to export layers as an animated GIF would be great. thanks
  2. bone shelter

    Combine returning unexpected results

    Yep. Here is the original file and two screenshots of the function result. As a note, I followed a link above and downloaded the next Beta release. All path operations were successful in the Beta. So my specific problem is fixed. thanks mc-x-y-coordinates.afdesign
  3. bone shelter

    Combine returning unexpected results

    I think I am having the same issue. the ADD path operation is not working on OS El Capitan (10.11.1). Original Result