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  1. For example the vector brush lets me think I have to switch programs to do different tasks.. And if I want to make changes I have to switch programs.. If I want to animate a brush (like in Photoshop select a brush, select a path, click a button and the stroke is placed) I can't do it in affinity photo (the software I am mostly using) and I have to switch the program to use vector brushes which work almost the way I need them. But they are just available in Affinity Designer. And because there is a lot of trial and error in creative work, there is a lot of switching back and forth.. Or perhaps you can enlighten me, how I can animate pressure on a brush in affinity photo (because vector brushes have been removed)
  2. If you guys really start bringing out a programm for every task I would regret buying Affinity Photo and Design BIGTIME. Having a program for every task bloats the software in RAM because the core is loaded multiple times. also the workflow will be very unintuitive, changing program every few minutes, animating something, need to change something, need to change between program to change brushsize, back to animator, see it still doesn't fit, get back to photo, change brushsize, bla bla.. The more you have to make breaks or think about how it is done, the more you loose the flow. Making an extra animation persona would be bearable, but a seperate program would shoot the process of creative work. GIMP is able to make animated GIF Krita is able to make animated GIF Corel Draw is able to make animated GIF
  3. In Affinity Photo I still can select "Texture Line Style". When I click on "Properties" (next to the the brush settings dialog pops up, but all functions are greyed out. I really need this feature for equal brush distribution, color dynamics, etc. Can we just make a feature request or was this already overruled? Is there a workaround in any way? Where can I find it?
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