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  1. I'm looking forward to getting to that place. In the meantime 95% of my work still involves converting IDML files and it'll be a good few months before I'm likely to properly switch to Affinity. In this particular case though I probably should start learning some new habits...
  2. Can't really see how I could have been any clearer as to what the steps are.
  3. In files with lots of layers the scroll bar to scroll down through the layers partially covers the selection boxes for layer visibility which can makes using them a bit tricky (& quite frustrating). On a separate but related moan I'm finding that on more complex works when I select an object/curve, because the default behaviour is to open the relevant layer in the layers panel I'm having to constantly scroll up and down (very lengthy!) in order to then select/deselect other layers. Can there be an option to keep the layer closed instead of automatically opening it whenever anything is
  4. I can't sorry, but as described when I attempt to place an Affinity Photo file into Publisher the colour is missing. The file I'm attempting to place is typically: - vector layer with curves created in Designer - that same layer duplicated and rasterised - then edited in Photo with colour layers in between the raster layer and the vector layer If I drag this file into Publisher I don't get any of the colour. If I merge all the layers then I do get the colour.
  5. Thank you!! I just changed the shortcut to = (for zoom in) and now works perfectly as CMD +/= Although I did then also have to set the zoom out button option too (to -) but now working as expected. Thanks
  6. Created image in Designer. Duplicated vector image to a raster layer. Opened image in Photo and added some colour. Saved image as Affinity Photo file. Now when I attempt to place the coloured Affinity Photo image into a Publisher doc it only shows the original (non coloured) outline image. I'm assuming something to do with the additional layers not being imported but so far as i can see there's no options for doing anything about this. I took a look at Resource Manager and nothing obvious. Have attempted via drag & drop to place the image and with the Place option
  7. I don't know if this is a bug or just some kind of logic that I don't understand. I've drawn various paths, selected them and then expanded stroke. If I then select some curves and use the Divide tool they divide as expected and I can select the newly divided curves. However with other curves they don't divide they just disappear. I've selected the same curves and used xor/intersect/subtract/add and all of those work as expected but divide works inconsistently (or in this case not at all).
  8. I'm guessing the issue is that the choice of buttons is 'too' logical in that on my keyboard I have to use: CMD SHIFT + to zoom in (with text frame selected) CMD - to zoom out (it won't work with SHIFT selected for this button). Presumably this is because strictly for those buttons the 'plus' requires the shift key but the 'minus' does not. While this might explain why it works this way it's still irritating as for the most part I can quickly work by using the CMD and either plus or minus buttons but if I'm trying to do so for a text frame I have to be specific in using the
  9. In the past couple of weeks I've noticed that I'm finally using Affinity more than Adobe First impressions of this update are really good. Thanks
  10. Yes. However I try it Publisher opens it as a document. Drag & drop works fine with regular images just not Designer files.
  11. If I draw out a picture frame and then attempt to drag and drop a Designer file onto that frame instead of importing the Designer file, Publisher opens the file instead. If the picture frame is selected I'd expect the file to be imported into the frame.
  12. I have an even more bizarre issue with this. In my table no matter what vertical align option I use each row alternates so that row 1 is aligned to the bottom and the next row to the top. This continues all the way through. Clicking the baseline grid options mixes things up but there still isn't consistency through the table. This is all the more frustrating given that seemingly there's no feature for alternating fills!
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