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  1. Please can we have an option to lock or protect PDFs on export? I'm pleased that I can edit the vectors and images in my older files but that's not something I want other people to be able to do, so an option to completely flatten or protect a PDF would be welcome.
  2. I've had a quick play with Publisher and firstly Studio Link is brilliant - I'm thinking I'll be looking to use Affinity as much as possible in the near future and to move away from Adobe as much as possible. With that in mind I'll have many years of InDesign files to open/update/convert and so I had a quick look at how well the PDF import works and that looks really good too. However.... While I'm amazed at how well my vectors, images etc. can all be edited it's also made me realise how vulnerable my work is because anybody else can of course do the same. So my questions are: - Is there a way to protect PDFs on export so that others can't edit in this way? (if not can it be considered as a future feature?) - Do other people have suggestions for best practice? Thanks
  3. Assuming it isn't a part of the plans yet so maybe as a feature request support for Epub 3 and/or interactive books further down the line. After more pressing matters such as being able to edit indesign files of course...
  4. Logs in a year later for the annual check that Publisher release date has been pushed back... Oh yes, it has!
  5. A little more feedback - in the end I had to give up on Affinity for now and revert to Illustrator, although I'm going to try and keep using Affinity for bits and bobs... Anyway - besides the lack of options to select by colour etc. I found the layers panel really difficult to use, particularly where there were many layers grouped together with just the odd layer locked. I soon had hundreds of layers and it was hard to navigate to find the locked layers (to later unlock). I attemped to use multiple artboards to then export as individual PNG files. In the end this proved really complex. Each artboard I duplicated was regarded as the same (not a new artboard) unless I renamed them individually. I then had to go through each artboard and set the export options to a bigger size... and at this point I decided it was simpler to copy everything over to Illustrator. I expect a learning curve and I enjoyed watching some of the tutorials but it's frustrating to do so and then have to give up on using it. I'll keep coming back as I like the feel of Affinity and I appreciate that not everything can happen at once... but the version of Illustrator I use is now 7 years old and I'm surprised Designer hasn't caught up with that by now.
  6. This is so frustrating. Each time that I think I'll give Affinity a go for this project because eventually I'd like to use it all of the time... I get to a point where I think ah that function must be about somewhere. Then I do a search. Find similar requests (in this case going back to at least over 2 years ago) and then almost inevitably discover that no, it's not been implemented. I really like how so much of Designer works and I really want to use it. But trying to do so is frustrating.
  7. As a parting thought... if the development team doesn't consider it worthwhile investing resources into...
  8. Logs in for the annual check that Publisher release date has been pushed back... Sees that it has :unsure: :huh: :angry: -_- See you in another year... (or not...)
  9. I was expecting a cityscape of Plymouth. This is much nicer :)
  10. I'd been really hoping to replace CS too but I've come to accept it won't be possible for the foreseeable. Neither Affinity Photo or Designer are anywhere close to the Adobe options so the prospects of Publisher competing with Indesign when its eventually released seems hopeful at best. So for now I'm enjoying having the odd tinker with Affinity apps in the hope that one day I will be able to use them fully, but realistically I don't see any prospect of that for at least a couple of years and that's not taking into account the understandable distraction of the iPad.
  11. Attempted to open 110 raw images. Completely froze my macbook and had to do a force reboot. Attempted to open 20 raw files. Again froze the machine but this time I was able to force quit the app (have attached the crash report). Attempted to open 5 raw files. This time opened quickly enough but as this is the first time I've tried using AP it didn't seem that the interface was going to work so efficiently for bulk processing raw images as with photoshop. Therefore I quit the app only to receive a message that some images were still being 'developed' even though I had done nothing with them at this stage. apcrash.rtf
  12. Hi - enjoying learning from people on here and seeing the apps develop. I make books, mostly with kids drawings so mostly use photoshop and indesign and a bit of illustrator too. Am now at the crossroads of deciding whether to go with creative suite or move over to something new and from what I've seen I'm keen to see if I can use the Affinity suite instead albeit I suspect it's at least a few months away yet. I'm keen to see Publisher and how it will compare with indesign. AP and AD are very promising but just missing a few bits before I can properly make the switch (live paint in AD and puppet warp in AP). Of course the other thing of interest now is the iPad pro and that might change my workflow completely!... Really impressed so far and it's nice to be involved with something at the earlyish stage.
  13. I see with the cleaned up file that there are lots less objects (16 compared to 316!) but if I attempt to find the redundant paths/noise myself I'm not able to easily get it down to anything like the same. Even in outline view I can't pick out most of them without constantly selecting and looking for irregular selections etc. I'm guessing maybe this is related to the excess numbers of points made (when expanding strokes)?
  14. In illustrator: Expand (fill and stroke) > Pathfinder Divide > Ungroup & delete some paths > Pathfinder Merge works immediately. Although this isn't how I'd usually do it in illustrator - normally I'd expand and then convert to a live paint then expand and ungroup which achieves the same thing.
  15. 12 seconds on a new machine probably equates to a couple of minutes on my old mini :) I've tried with the beta but no difference. Have attached a file - if I attempt to select all and then 'combine' the attached it gets stuck on the union dialogue - presumably because my machine can't handle it. I have a macbook too but haven't tried with that yet so I'll maybe give it a go over the weekend and see if any different. ADcombine.afdesign
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