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  1. Many thanks for the tip of uncheking "Fills knock out shadow". I was looking for the soluce for few hours. I had the problem with pictures and forms too. The forum and community is very helpful, thank you :)
  2. toitoine

    "The file appears to be corrupted"

    hello Tony File well received Thanks a lot for your quick solution :)
  3. toitoine

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, Antoine from France, Mac user for more than 20 years, several years that I'm looking for a vector app diferent from adobe series. So I've downloaded the beta version, made some nice graphics with it, then bought the final version. Thanks to the team.
  4. toitoine

    "The file appears to be corrupted"

    Hello, I have the same problem a document created on october 23 can't be open today (sunday). I have a the following message: "Failed to open the document /users/toitoine/Desktop/document.afdesign The file appears to be corrupted" Can't open the 2 documents created on october 23 (under mavericks or yosemite) Note that the documents I've created under beta version of AD can be opened without any problem. Big problem for me I had to send the files to a make some sweat shirts. I send you the file on the address support@seriflabs.com Thanks for help.