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  1. Thanks! Yes, I read the roadmap and thought symbols might be something like this, but wasn't sure exactly how they will turn out. Time to dig in deep and learn what's already there!
  2. Hi, I love the concept of the export persona in Photo. Surely we've all been there where a large raw file has to be repurposed for many things. I feel this is the idea behind the slices in the export persona? But in this case I want to be able to limit the long edge of a slice so that I don't have to re-scale the exported slices in another step. It kind of feels like it should be there already, so am I missing something (I'm new to the apps)? So, in the export options, for instance in the JPEG preset, I'd like to see: Long edge: px and maybe % options Sharpening (I use quite different values depending on size and purpose) dpi Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, Just starting out here... amazing apps at the right price! Thanks! Would it be possible to add instancing to Designer? You would create a graphic, let's say a star, and then instead of CMD+J for duplicate, CRTL+CMD+J would create an instance linking back to the original. If I then changed the number of points on the original star, all the instances would be updated. In addition to this a random effect would be nice: scale, rotation and maybe color. Essentially it would be cool to have a cloner function that could make a (massive) number of clones with a somewhat individual appearance that linked back to a single graphic or symbol, that would respect updates to the original graphic. I don't think that is in there now?
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