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  1. I'm looking for something like the mesh warp tool in AP. I can throw it over there and do what I need but it rasterizes the layer.
  2. I am looking to see how to manipulate my text other than text on path. Am I able to skew text? I want all of the letters to stand up straight but the baseline to curve or to go at a diagonal. I'm not seeing a distort or handles that would do what I am looking for.
  3. I came up with a solution. Not the right one but it works. The file is below. Logo_book_dark.afdesign
  4. I looked around the menus and found that. I gave it a try but it did not seem to change anything. I set the fill to none and changed fill to winding then added color, nothing seemed to change. I made sure I had the path selected from the layer panel. A portion of the S (more to the right) overlaps another object that I set to divide with because I needed that portion a contrasting color to the object below. I imagine that when I hit divide it also divided the portions of the S that overlapped as it put nodes at the intersections where the paths cross. I would think this would be perfect because I could just select the path segments, delete them and make the object fill (and simpler). I can not figure out how to select the path between the nodes. The node tool just adds more nodes.
  5. I have an object that is an S hand drawn and not text. The "S" is stylized and the bottom end wraps around crossing over itself: Where it crosses over itself it drops out the fill. How do I get it not to do this? the whole S needs to be blue.

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