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    David L got a reaction from AntoshkaMek in Affinity Openable files   
    Why is it that that upon importing RAW files from my Sony cameras they appear as Affinity Openable  rather than Sony Camera Raw on my iMac?
    Im am guessing that the RAW files are still the original RAW files but they have been renamed or doe it mean something else?
    I prefer that this very much not happen how can I stop it.
    Many thanks

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    David L got a reaction from dloewen4 in Perspective Crop   
    I would love it if you could make a perspective crop tool.
    I photograph a lot of artwork and every now and then despite my best efforts a painting might be slightly out of square and such a tool would be very useful, a conventional crop tool doesn't always work if the camera back isn't perfectly  parallel  to the artwork, this sometimes happens when working on location in makeshift studios.
    I am sure such a tool would be brilliantly useful for other  crops also.
    Thank you :)
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    David L got a reaction from Leigh in Perspective Crop   
    Hi Leigh
    thank you, request posted.
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    David L got a reaction from De1boraEi in Perspective Crop   
    Is there a perspective Crop tool in Affinity?
    If not is there a work around so i can do this easily, I have tried working with the Perspective  tools but no joy.
    Thank you

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