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  1. Hello all, The answer, it turns out, is to use iTunes and the old Apple ID, which did still exist but I couldn't use it for my purposes, and Authorize the computer using both the old and new Apple IDs. Then the app store will update from either or both accounts. Hope this information is helpful. It is difficult to find. Best, Don Hamilton
  2. I sent an email through the system to the App Store help desk. They promise to respond in 48 hours. I'll post an update. Surely, though, there should be a remedy less harsh than repurchasing the apps for a registered user..?
  3. For bizarre technical reasons I won't go into, I had to change Apple IDs when I updated to macOS Sierra (actually before, but this problem didn't surface until now.) Because I have a new Apple ID, Affinity Designer won't update to 1.5 through the App store. I get an error that updates are not available with this Apple ID. Makes sense. What can I do now? Going back to the old ID is not an option. Can I download and install both Photo and Designer again ( I am a registered owner) under the new Apple ID? Will my Affinity registration still be good? I thank you for your help. Don