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  1. Really? Apple forums I read seemed to say it was a problem - although, maybe they meant you must keep Pages 9 installed, because the new Pages that comes with Mavericks, etc. is lousy. I guess I will check that out, thanks.
  2. I have published 6 books, with loads of images including editing photos, and drawings using Apple's Pages 9.0 (page layout program), all easy to do, and easy to learn. Apple has now abandoned a page layout program, and are only trying to compete with MS Word's word processor. Because I was in the process of completing two publishing projects using Pages, I havent upgraded to Apple's Mavericks/Yosemite/ or now El Capitan OS, because none of them worked with Pages 9.0. Now I need to make some decisions about what apps I need (assuming I also need to upgrade to Apple's most recent OS) to do the following: A publishing program that is not complex, I don't need a full-on professional version with massive photo editing/drawing capabilities. Also want a good image/photo management program since Apple has dumbed-down their iPhoto program. Perhaps Aperture? Sounds like Affinity Publisher would be perfect, but it is not available yet... Would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

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