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  1. Sorry that I'm confusing you all a bit. I'm new to this. I am trying to adjust the colors of myself in the photo to make it look more graphic. I put it in a separate layer. Yes, I think it's the curves adjustment to put more contrast in the photo. I will check out the affinity tutorials. Thanks for the link.
  2. Thanks for the advice. The live filter layer seems to work. But when I adjust the colors it's very subtle almost none existant. And I was wondering if there is something like adjusting in curves like in the old photoshop and GIMP? Thanks.
  3. I use MacOS Catalina version 10.15.7. I can't update it anymore as I (in the past) cucked away my apple id. And if it could be updated some of my other software wouldn't be working anymore. So I rather not update. I also have an old computer (that still does work fine) from 2013. Now I've closed Affinity Photo and opened it again the layers seem to be there miraculously. But the filters still don't work. I selected myself in the background. I can choose the filter I want, but when I apply nothing is happening.
  4. Hi, I just recently bought Affinity Photo and the filters just don't work (none of them). I have selected the right layer and the layer isn't locked and I have the rasterise layer and apply filter setting on). Duplicating my layer also doesn't work. I get an empty layer when I duplicate my layer. Hope you can help me out. Thanks Annie
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