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  1. I can go to the Windows menu, scroll down to "Text" and then select "Character" and it will check and uncheck each time I do that. Simultaneously, each time I check and uncheck "Character," the Character menu in the right studio will appear and disappear. Which is what I would expect it to do. After closer inspection, I found that if I click the "a" button when the Character menu is not open in the right studio, the character menu will then appear in the right studio. But if I click the "a" button again, the character menu does not disappear. I kind of figured it would, but if it's not supposed to then I guess I'm good. Also, to address what Walt said, I was expecting a free floating character panel to appear when I clicked on the "a" button. So you were absolutely correct in that regard. Once again, thanks to all for your assistance!
  2. Thanks to everyone for your help and input. I used the reset studio button as Old Bruce suggested and it returned the Text Styles and Character menus to the right studio. The "a" button still doesn't work but as long as I can access those menus from the right studio, I'll be good. Again, the assistance is much appreciated.
  3. In response to Walt Farrell and Garry P... Walt - I do not have multiple monitors. And I apologize, I don't know what Floating documents means. I'll attach a screen shot. Garry - In the attached screen shot, I circled the button I was referring to. Thanks to both of you. Karl
  4. Hello, I am a long time Adobe user that has switched over to Affinity recently. I'm still trying to work my way through using new software, but am increasingly more certain that my Publisher software is not functioning properly. Just a few examples... (1) I am trying to add a leader character to a tab and couldn't figure out how to do so. I finally looked for help online and was directed to go to Text Styles through the "Windows" drop down menu. I did so and Text Styles already had a check mark next to it. I unchecked it and checked it again (several times) and nothing is happening. I can't seem to access this window. Also (2) there is a button at the top with a lower case "a" in it which I assume should open a box that will allow me to control various characteristics of the fonts I'm using. When I click on this button, nothing happens. These are just two examples of times where the program doesn't seem to be functioning properly. Any guidance or direction for where to go to address these issues would be appreciated.
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