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  1. Oh that's what i was looking, thank you very much for your help
  2. Hi everyone, i'm a graphic design student i'm using AD almost every day for my vector graphic needs but recently i'm starting to practice on some logos and i really don't know how i'm suppose to approach certain drawing like the one posted below. Do you guys know to make effects like the one around the phoenix body (the purplish), i'm trying with brushes but it's the first time i'm using those. if you have any tutorials about something like that would be awesome.
  3. Hi guys, i found what in my opinions seems a bug with the effect's window. Sometimes while switching between programs (from AD to safari for example) i can't re-open the effects window, i tried with the mission control button, with the gear in the effects sideband also i tried to open it by using the window menu but no effect's windows it there, so i have to restart affinity and then it works again properly.