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  1. DonOptics

    Affinity Photo for macOS - 1.6.7

    So...why hasn't my copy been updated. It seems to be stuck at 1.6.6. Using El Capitan 10.11.6.
  2. I can't find any stroke menu that can define dashed lines of specific lines and spaces and of varying length in a manner that Illustrator and Intaglia do. Am I missing something?
  3. I have been cleaning up plots generated by a lens design program to be used as illustrations for a text written in MS Word. The design program has been around for a long time.The native format is an HP plot file (yeah, that long!). Previously I have had to save the plot as an .wmf file, import it into Illustrator, thicken the lines, save it as an .ai file, open it in Intaglio to finish the formatting so I could Copy/Paste the cleaned up figure into my Word document. (Whew!) Using Affinity Designer (AD) I am able to Save the plot as a Color PS file (.ps) and open it in AD. However... a plot that is in landscape format Opens in AD as a portrait plot. To get it into a landscape format I have to: 1. Go to Document Setup..., uncheck Portrait, which rotates the document, but leaves the content alone, so then I have to... 2. Select All, then Layer > Transform > Rotate Right (or the rotation icon in the tool bar. Q. Is there any strategy that would allow the imported file can be Opened in landscape mode? Q. In Illustrator the same .ps file Opens directly in landscape mode. Is there some file attribute code that Affinity Designer does not parse that causes it to open in portrait mode? I've attached one of the .ps files from the program. It's all of 7 KB. Thanks in advance for any help, Don O'Shea Testcps.ps