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  1. @Hangman That's a good idea actually - I could definitely try using a higher DPI for a week and see how it goes. I won't be able to give immediate feedback because I'm still not unsure about how to replicate the issue... it seems to just appear after working in the document for long enough (20 - 30 minutes). Creating a sample document at 300DPI and copying the elements from the original sample does not give the same result so far...
  2. @Hangman I don't use a lot of Affinity Designer and even less so of Affinity Publisher. However, in my limited experience I have not experienced any issues with either. Opening the sample file inside of Affinity Designer and Publisher displays no immediate issues.
  3. Just adding some additional specs as well: QHD 2560x1440 monitor Affinity Photo is set as a fullscreen window
  4. After zooming in just once, the file corrects itself within Affinity Photo
  5. Hi @Ron P. and @Hangman - I have attached two photos to add. I just reopened the sample file. The first is inside Affinity Photo with visual glitch, after exporting to PNG (and even in the PNG export window inside Affinity) the image shows no visual glitches.
  6. @Hangman Thank you very much for getting engaged in this. The issue returned after disabling Hardware Acceleration. Attached is a sample file where the bug is present, at least on my machine. You will notice that the text in the bottom right looks a bit weird. Whilst I can not provide steps to reproduce, I have found zooming in/out seems to resolve the problem. I have experienced the issue with nearly all my files. redacted.afphoto
  7. @Hangman unfortunately it is a client related project so I am not at liberty to release the entire .afphoto document sorry I can not be of more help in this area. Disabling Hardware Acceleration and restarting, the visual bug is now gone but it is now unclear whether it is Hardware Acceleration that is the fix or just restarting the program... I can continue to report with Hardware Acceleration disabled.
  8. Hi all, I have encountered a strange artifacting bug with Affinity Photo V2. I do not use a lot of Illustrator or Publisher so I am not sure if it replicable on those platforms. Essentially, a 'knot' of sorts goes across the screen warping and misaligning objects and text in some places. If I slightly shift an affectef layer, it will change where the artifacting occurs. It does not carry over when exporting so it seems to be a render bug within Affinity Photo V2. Nonetheless a very annoying one! I have included some examples of objects and text. The first object is just a regular rectangle with an outline but somehow it has become... knotted for lack of a better word The other examples are of text: 'A' becoming knotted The image displaying 'and' is included twice - one knotted in the program as an .afphoto file and one displaying as expected after export to a .png Thankfully the behavior does not repeat when exported as an image. Thank you for your time! It happens across multiple documents, I have not been able to replicate the issue - it just seems to kick in seemingly randomly. Computer specs: Windows 11 RTX 3080 i5 13600K 32GB RAM SSD storage
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