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  1. Bryan very useful - thanks Bryan.. I shall have a play tomorrow. Is this a "failing" of Designer? Pete
  2. Have been working my way through the Designer Workbook -created a logo and exported it as an svg. Great Looking at the SVG code I see there are style refs that colour the logo. If I remove the fill colour I can the change the colour of the SVG using CSS. Is there a way of exporting from Designer so that no fill colour is specified in the code and it can be recoloured by css alone. Hope that made sense! Pete
  3. I need help to get my small brain round this... I have drawn a vector of a wind turbine outline. I am wanting to finally produce a png with the transparent shape of the turbine "punched through" a white foreground, if that makes sense. I can't work out how best to achieve this. Help appreciated. Pete
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