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  1. I mean ya, that is still a problem. I had to install it the manual way using the external winetricks install. The ticket I opened and you commented in is still open on their github: https://github.com/bottlesdevs/Bottles/issues/2828 Anyways, I have attached my bottles config. Not sure how much it will help, it's fairly default settings. backup_Affinity.yml
  2. I have it running on Fedora, and I compiled mine using my container. I just followed the guide. I got the WinMetadata from a Windows install. Copied it as is directly from the partition. I'm still using it now. Though, I always run my stuff through Bottles. I can share my bottle config if it makes a difference
  3. Its needed for NetBIOS and other networking/sharing stuff in Windows, which Wine has support for. its libsamba specifically, no thte entire samba install. Either way, I wanted to make my wine-builder generic, so even if its not super needed for Affinity, someone else might use it. I just made sure all optional features were enabled that weren't a huge hassle to enable.
  4. Ya, but its not just Fedora. Ubuntu and Debian do the same thing for Samba as 1 example. My script ontop of the debian docker image requires me to do this package flipping for 2 libraries. I think fedora had it for many more, but its not an isolated issue with just Fedora.
  5. I did this on Fedora 38, and it was a nightmare. For some dependencies you can't have the 64bit and the 32bit at the same time, they overwrite each other. So you have to switch between builds. I even had to do it in Debian in the docker image I made. I eventually gave up and made the `wine-builder` linked above to get around it. When I get some free time, I might even switch it to using Arch and the PKGBUILD deps like ElementalWarrior suggested, but for now it works fine for building.
  6. I agree, at the time I was just trying to build it quick, and I don't have much practice using Arch in docker images. It's always alpine, distroless, debian, etc. So I just used what worked for me for quickness. When I get back from vacation, where I make an arch based one.
  7. Just a reminder to those having trouble compiling. I built a Docker image that should let you easily build wine sources from scratch on any distro using Docker containers. If you are inclined to explore docker or already know it, could be a quicker way to get the sources built. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/182758-affinity-suite-v204-on-linux-wine/&do=findComment&comment=1068416
  8. Agreed, feels like a missed opportunity. I would honestly be willing to pay double the Windows prices for a Linux version.
  9. @Wanesty Opened the github bug for it here: https://github.com/bottlesdevs/Bottles/issues/2828, if you wish to provide more context.
  10. The end result is a package with a fully compiled ElementalWarrior wine build. So everything you get in wine-install as an RPM package that is installed to the system like any other rpm. The building and sources live in the COPR repo that produce the final RPM.fornothers to install. It's why it's a bit of a hybrid of PPA from Ubuntu and the Arch AUR.
  11. I haven't opened yet, still planning to though. Their ticket template require some debug info from the bottles app and I'm not at my computer As for copr. It's more a AUR/PPA hybrid. I need to construct a src.rpm, push that up and copr builds a repo and proper RPM that can then be distributed.
  12. Oof my bad, I normally do but forgot. I'll add an ISC license shortly (effectively MIT license)
  13. The binaries should work, at least mine does. Used podman and my image to build itunder debian, but used it in Fedora. To be honest, I always forget Toolbox is a thing. There is also distrobox too.
  14. Stayed up way too late getting this working but here is the Docker image. Readme is in the github repo or the package page, take a look to see how to use it. I successfully compiled a ElementalWarrior build with this. https://github.com/daegalus/wine-builder https://github.com/daegalus/wine-builder/pkgs/container/wine-builder podman pull ghcr.io/daegalus/wine-builder
  15. Ya, I am aware. the docker image will just have all the wine deps installed, and a script that runs the wine64, wine32 building, then installs them to wine-install. YOu will mount the Wine sourcecode yourself. This wont run affinity for you. This is just to help people build the ElementalWarrior wine binaries.
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