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  1. I haven't tried the program again, I've been busy trying out the batch processing ability of NX-D to determine whether I will use that or not rather.
  2. The thing is that I hadn't changed any of the defaults because I was only just trying the program for the first time since learning how to switch between layers to get the clone stamp tool to work - I hadn't changed any defaults before that. There were no settings that I adjusted. After that I worked with it for about 15 minutes trying different adjustments that all worked - then suddenly they stopped working and all it took was a movement of the zoom slider to make everything I had done for 5 minute start showing up. It has done this twice now [the second time didn't take a movement of the zoom slider to get it right, it just didn't come right]. If it had done it right from the start of opening it up I would try the reset but when a program works for 15 minutes before starting to play up there has to be another issue. I may give it one more try with the reset tomorrow night [busy tonight] but how can you trust a program that takes 15 minutes to play up - you never know when it will do it again in the middle of important processing.
  3. If your problem is anything like my initial problem check to make sure that you have the correct layer selected. Each time you do an adjustment it opens a new layer and you can't flood select on a layer, you have to click back onto the background layer.
  4. I suppose if nobody can give me an answer to this problem I'll be buying Photoshop Elements again this week,
  5. I've wired my camera flash to an ignition coil which gives me a 20 000 volt spark when I take a picture. More than enough to ignite acetylene in my microwave :)
  6. Ok, I suppose you would have recognised me otherwise - I'm usually known for blowing things up with my photography :) http://desmond-downs.blogspot.co.nz/2010/07/flash-sound-activated-flash-trigger.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpAgQ12t8z4
  7. Thanks for the help Paul. Do I know you from any of the photography forums or facebook groups in NZ? I have the NZ wedding photographers and second shooters group.
  8. Ok, I found the eyedropper - very well hidden under a menu - should be on the side bar ....
  9. At the moment I am working with it since restarting the computer and it is working fine [for now]. Not that it has anything to do with restarting the computer, it has happened on two separate occasions both between shutting the computer down and starting it up again. If I end up buying this software I need to know that it can start and run flawlessly without any bugs like this. For now I'm busy trying to find the eyedropper/colour selection tool - it doesn't seem to have one? When I choose the 'paint' brush I don't see any options for selecting a colour.
  10. Could it be a video card thing? because when I go back through the history my first adjustments show up, then there is a gap where it played up, then the adjustments show again after that gap when it started working again - can the video card cause the program not to show edits? I can still flip between the app and Safari without any issues on safari. There are no other apps running besides safari which I used to look up the problem.
  11. Update: It just happened again. I did a fair amount of editing and everything worked fine. Until I switched to Safari to look up batch processing and then went back to edit the photo. I don't know if it's related to switching screens but now no adjustments are showing - the first thing I tried to do was 'flood selection' and nothing happened. Then I tried the burn tool again and it didn't show. A crop worked. I went down to the history option and dragged the "position" slider and it mentions the adjustments I have tried to make but they don't show. As I drag the position slider back I see the early adjustments I made but when I get to the point where it played up again no adjustments show. The paint mixer works, it says the assistant added a new raster layer[?] and since that happened the other adjustments are working as I try them - it's just the previous adjustments that I tried when it started playing up that still don't show.
  12. Hi, has this happened yet? I'm busy with a 10 day trial and batch processing is important to me.
  13. I had this problem yesterday, after I learned to check that I am editing on the correct layer I played around with levels, then then the clone stamp tool and then tried the liquify persona. When I dragged on the screen the squares moved but the image never changed. So I went back to the Photo persona and tried the burn tool. No matter what I did or what layer I selected no changes showed on the image. Until I touched the zoom slider. It was a small image that was at 125%, I moved it to 100%, then back to 125% and suddenly all the changes I had tried to make on the image appeared. The liquify adjustment I had made, all the burning I had tried - and after that every adjustment I tried showed immediately. Could this have something to do with the fact that it is the trial version or would that not make a difference? Today it is working fine.
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