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  1. Update: It's just happening in the file im working in... so maybe i've done something. I'm going to copy all my content to another File and start again because I can't work out what I've done. thanks for trying anyway! cheers
  2. Heya, It's downloaded from here, I've used it before a lot in the past with Indesign, photoshop, Fusion, AFX and other softwares with no issues. https://rsms.me/inter/ I tried finding it from another source but all have the same issue. cheers
  3. heya, Thanks for the quick response. All the numbers are the same across the text except a few have a slight variation on the Kerning...
  4. Hiya, I'm new to Affinity and trying to work out why this is happening to a font I've used before in other softwares. The font is Inter, and by default the uppercase letters are appearing above the lowercase. I can individually edit the uppercase letters down by 2pts but doing manually is a bit silly... Anyone have any idea why this could be happening and how to fix it? The issue does not occur in Designer. any help much appreciated! thanks
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