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  1. Yes, A_B_C, I'm sure I did put "snap to grid" on again after opening the document. The triangle-shapes that used to snap perfectly to the grid before (2:1 Triangular, spacing 64px, divisions 1) don't even seem to fit to the grid at all. I tried changing the spacing and divisions, but it just looks like the work and the grid are somehow mismatching. Maybe it's a simple thing that I'm just not noticing. Ben, the grid seems not to be saved together with the document, every time I open it I have to put on Show Grid again. Best, Ele cubes3.psd
  2. Is there a way to save custom grid preferences somehow? My work doesn't seem to "snap" to it after opening the file again (I use 2:1 Triangular mode) Ele
  3. I made a custom triangular grid using the grid manager, but I have difficulties figuring out how to start filling the grid with different colour. Can you share a tip? Thanks a lot.
  4. Hei, thanks for helping with the grid - I got it right now. But I don't really understand the colouring. Can you share a tip on that too? Thanks a lot.
  5. Hei! I made a grid in AD and need to start filling the triangle-shaped ''grid-holes'' with colour. When I was testing the idea it was ok to make the triangles and fit them one by one to the grid, but is there a more efficient and clean-looking way to do it? There probably is x) I'm adding the .psd of it also. Big thanks. gridwork1.psd
  6. Hei, moderators! I have a similar problem. Usually editing my text after doing some other things on my artboard is not a problem. But at the moment I'm really puzzled. No matter what I do, it does not highlight the text. BUT in the original file it does select and highlight the text. Why is that? I'm adding the file also. Help ! :) MMATDK1.psd
  7. Thanks MEB and markw You both helped me big time. MEB, thanks for the video, I really appreciate it. markw, ''substract'' was exactly what I was looking for, because otherwise it let me to change the color but not put the fill on none.
  8. Hei! I have a problem with tracing with pen tool: - some traced letters turned out fine, but N has problems with filling. There is something that I don't understand how to do. - how can I have the inner sides of the letters with no fill? Thank you in advance for answering :) I'm adding the file aslo. DSC_8833.psd
  9. Hei! I haven't had that problem again since I wrote the question. Thank you anyway Callum and Hokusai! And sweet comment, Herbert123.
  10. Hei! Are there any alternative options to trace raster images into vector in Affinity Designer? Thanks.
  11. Hei! I just purchased Affinity Designer a few days ago and it keeps crashing in the middle of my work. Yesterday it just threw me out of the program (twice) but saved my work, today it was ''thinking'' for a few minutes and then automatically restarted the computer and didn't save my last 5 minutes work. Is it common? What can I do about it?
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