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  1. Thanks, guys! I hope the development will take the path to make AD more suitable for UI design.
  2. Hi, I've recently bought the Affinity Designer. And I am also a hardcore Sketch user. I really like Affinity's speed, zoom, layers and snapping comparing to Sketch. But for me it is a pain to design most of common CSS-related parts of UI like box-shadows and border sides. Also it is hard to input many values from keyboard alone. Or maybe am I missing something? Can you recommend some Tips & Tricks for UI design using Affinity Designer?
  3. Hi! Imagine you enter a text with another input language and keyboard layout. It is then inconvenient to switch back and forth input languages just to use shortcuts (e.g., 'V' for Move Tool is 'лю' in Russian layout). Please, make shortcuts dependent on key values rather than input symbols. PS: Excuse me if it is not the problem and there is a workaround for my case. I'm new to AD. PPS: That topic is similar to https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/495-keyboard-layout-independance/
  4. Thanks! PS: Same for almost all Cyrillic-languages.

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