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  1. Thanks again, guys, for helping me out. With the help of your input I finally managed to get it to work. I think it was a combination of fixing the font colors like loukash said and using a proper color picking tool (I really didn't expect the PowerTool Color Picker could be the culprit here. This could have saved me a lot of time 😅). My Font is now 0,0,0,96 and that's wonderful! I'm still not quite sure at wich point things went for the better, but I have my export and therefore i wont touch the layout again. One thing I know for sure: I will ask the printer for the print specifications beforehand and will build the layout based on that. This sure will spare me some trouble. All the best to you guys and genuine thanks for your amazing help.
  2. Thanks again ! I am not using a preset. These are my export options: The document settings was set to US Web Coated (SWOP) v2 initially, but I changed that as soon the printer told what he wants. Now I can imagine - like lacerto said - that there are some problems changing from one profile to another, so I checked assign in the colour settings of the document. I even created a new text element with the desired color profile set to test the outcome. Strange enough I don't get a black only colour for the text even pre export: And after export the text has yet another colour. Yay: This is next level confusing for me, as I'm quite new to this. Did I overlook something in your advices?😶 This doesn't seem to be the problem here, since I never get the values of rich black after exporting. The problem persist, even if I don't have RGB values assigned to the elements I want to export.
  3. Why haven't I thought of this myself. And I wondered why I get this unclear edges with these high dpi qr codes. Should have checked what the software does on default when exporting..
  4. Really, thanks to you guys. Your help is really appreciated. I was pretty lost. Printing exports are quite no to me and it got overwhelming very quickly. Maybe this is a bit off but somehow fits the topic and you got some tips regarding this for me as well: I have black font in the layout too, but even if I can export the qr codes now as K only black the font won't be black no matter what I try. I set the color to CMYK(0/0/0/100) and grey scale black from the color picker, but I always get mixed CMYK color font. I wish there was a k only button for my text :D.
  5. Very interesting information, thanks for that. Yeah I'm glad I got the qr codes to k only, I hope this will work fine after print. There are a lot of these qr codes and I got them as pngs so I will stick with it for now. The only option would be to import them as CMYK pdfs I guess, but I hope I can skip that step.
  6. The K only option for png did the trick fortunately. Thanks anyway
  7. I followed your suggestion in detail but still get a strange result. This time it's an other black value. There's progress, just don't know if that's good.😄 The screenshot is from the pdf after exporting the layout containing the qr-png with the K only option set exported inthe desired color profile ISO Coated v2 300. EDIT: Your tip was completely correct. I just forgot to uncheck the image compression in the export setup. This messed up the colours. Now colours are K Only. Thanks a ton!
  8. This is a follow up question of my previous thread in case someone is wondering. I have a bunch of qr codes as .png's. They only consist of two unique colors (Black and White). As soon as I import them into my print layout in Affinity Publisher and change the color profile from RGB to CMYK/IsoCoated_v2_300(My print shop demanded this format) the colour black is not fully black anymore(cmyk(0%, 50%, 0%, 99%)) and my print shop says he can't deal with these colors, since the detail of the qr codes suffers badly from these mixed black values when ofset printing them. What can I do to prevent the black from changing when swtiching colour profiles?
  9. Thank you all for reaching in. With your help I managed to get clear edges. However as soon as I try to export the layout in CMYK the black is getting a mixture of all colours and not CMYK(0,0,0,100). If I export it as RGB the black stays black. What could be the problem here?
  10. I set the document colour profile to iso coated 300 V2 and also try to export it in this setting.
  11. I have a bit of trouble exporting my layout. The layout contains qr-codes. I have imported them as png (Only 2 Colors, black&white into affinity publisher and when I zoom in affinity I get clear edges (black/white) no matter how far i zoom in. However, as soon as I export them as png for example the edges are getting washed out and therefor contain more colors then the previous two (black&white). Since this qr Codes are for a print product I see problems with the end result because of this. Is there any way I can export these in two colors(black&white) and preserve the details on the edges? Any help is very much appreciated!
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