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  1. Thanks, that worked. I also found out that if I extend the canvas on only two sides and then inpaint it works. Then I repeat by extending the other two sides and inpaint. Now I have two quick ways. Looks like an opportunity for an inpaint algorithm tweak by Affinity.
  2. Looking for tips on how to extend a background. I have attached two photos of a bird where the bird was too close to the edge of the photo on both the top right and bottom sides. So I decided to add more background as follows: 1. Increase the canvas size with the original photo anchored in the center. 2. Select the newly added blank canvas and grow it 4 pixels to insure overlap with the original image. 3. Fill/Inpaint In the photo on the left photo, using Photoshop CS6 I get a nice inpaint fill (they call it content aware fill). In the other example on the right, using Affinity Photo, I get an incomplete fill. As you can see, the right and bottom sides filled in nicely. But the top and left sides did not. All tips on the best way to extend the background are appreciated.
  3. A common workflow for me is to send photos from Adobe Lightroom over to Affinity Photo for panorama handling. However, the panorama feature requires direct import from the file manager. The option to select photos already open within Affinity would be great.
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