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  1. I'm a UI designer. I normally use Sketch for UI but every now and then I use AD for more fiddly work. Developers work almost unanimously in PS and Illustrator. AD resterizes text when exporting to PSD. We all know this and I know that the technical solution to that is complicated. So as a stop gap It would be good if AD could export a list alongside the PSD with text sizes and spacing info. I can then send that with the PSD to the developers and it'd be as good as sending a proper PSD file.
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    Lifesavers. This will definitely do for now. Thanks so much. :D
  3. Hi, I know you're trying to keep this limited to Affinity Photo but it's the one feature AD is lacking for me. I work designing websites for e-commerce and I often need to cut out product images from white backgrounds. The work isn't complicated enough to require a dedicated piece of photo software like AP so I'm not going to spend an additional 40 quid for it. I'd like to see it added to AD. This feature is literally the last thing that's keeping me from removing Photoshop completely from my mac. Thanks

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