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  1. overprint-by-color seems like madness, and a way to open your document up to bad output. Why not by object?
  2. does the default paste [in-front] behavior you reference above paste the selected object in the exact same x-y axes position? I should have clarified in my question; it's not just about the position regarding above or below and object, but Paste in Front / Back also puts the object in the same x/y position. Does that makes sense?
  3. In illustrator, any object i select, i can tap cmd+3 and it will hide the object; cumbersome to have to do that through a layers panel; the hide command also has a related feature: hide all except selected, which is a sort of isolation mode, i suppose.
  4. I'm wondering about compound paths.

  5. what about trapping? thanks for the quick response! also, [sorry for all this, but i was searching the forums yesterday to no avail] is there a paste-in-front / paste-in-back command that i'm missing? is there a hide command? How do i break up a compound path into its constituent pieces?
  6. Hello; I'm coming from Illustrator; first time using the app. Where is overprint preview, or what is the Affinity equivalent? thanks!
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