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  1. Hello, As i see you are continuously improoving AFD ,i would like to propose very usefull feature for export formats using transparency like PNG and PSD. A smooth edges option for removing jagged edges would be much appreciated. It would be some kind of automated feather along borders. Tell me what you think about it please. Regards, Alex.
  2. Hello Malcom, I agree with you we need to be able to set direclty the export size as a percentage or pixel size (witout having to rescale the layer before rescaling the slice). In fact what need is the same export system as there is in adobe Illustrator. Regards, Alex.
  3. Hello, It would be great to have psd format as export format per slices or layers :) , Since this option is already available for the full document, it should be aslo available per slice or layer. Thans in advance. Regards, Alex.
  4. Hello, Good idea that might solve some of my my png import issues in Unity 3D.
  5. Hello, Thanks for your quick support. I just sent you everything to reproduce this issue by email. Regards, Alex.
  6. Hello, Thanks for your quick support. I really love AFD , it just needs some polish for the export formats. I also need a working psd format in order to import it in unity 3D. I will send you the psd file by email. Regards, Alexis
  7. I get an ugly aliases png file when i export a slice. I think there is an alpha transparency bug with glow and shadow in AFD.
  8. Slicing layers doesn't get the right fit especially when shadow or glow is applied. When an element is rescaled , slices aren't.
  9. PSD exports from Affinity designer are not recognized as valid PSD files by Corel Painter, Photoshop and gimp.
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