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  1. As a field report, Publisher running on Windows 10 Pro 22H2 build 19045.2251 was crashing when I tried to add a new section to a document. I applied the modification suggested by @lacerto and the problem went away. I was comfortable doing this because the modification is easily reversable. I'll report back if any side effects turn up.
  2. Lee has pointed out to me in a PM that there is a master page applied to itself in the original file. I have cleaned that up, and using Edit Detached was able to delete the rogue frames. Thank you for your suggestions. Randy
  3. This is a native Affinity Publisher document. I am fuzzy on exactly what I did, as I wasn't expecting trouble and I have been fighting with this for a few days now. I was asked to replace the two images that were on the left-hand page. The new images had some cropping, but I wanted to keep the existing layout. I placed a new image over the existing image in the top frame, and replaced the text for its caption. Those are ok. I have forgotten what exactly went sideways with the lower image and caption, but I ended up deleting them and drawing new frames. I was able to type the word "caption" into the new text frame, but it has since become uneditable, and I can't place an image or do anything else with the new image frame. These are (caption) and (Picture Frame) in the layers panel. I'm not quite sure how to approach getting just the problem page into a new Publisher doc. This is a book, and the text in the (Carol J. Bornstein... layers is flowed through nearly all of the document, with pinned content throughout. I imagine the sending the flowed/pinned content crashing through would obfuscate things. All of the other text layers come from the master page.
  4. I meant that when using Edit Detached, they are still not editable, moveable among layers, or deleteable.
  5. I have a text frame and image frame in a document that display the "x" frame and cannot be edited for layer position, content, size, or anything else for that matter. They do not seem to be locked. They remain uneditable when editing the page's master page detached. I assume I am missing something, but what? Randy Wright
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