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  1. Hi, Being new to Affinity, I am aware that there are challenges in exporting SVGs from AD. I have tried through the forum and googling to solve my issue, however have not been able to do so. I am wanting to create a simple file with two layers, one being a square and the other being a text layer. This is for exporting to Beam Studio, the Beambox laser engraver app. The rectangle is the cut layer, and the text is the engrave layer. When I create the file and select Export/SVG for Export, the file will not upload into Beam Studio. I have tried uploading to imag-R and get an error. I believe from my investigations there could be bitmap components in the file I create, however am not sure how this has occurred. As I said I am new to AD so am not sure if I am doing something incorrectly that is corrupting the file. Is there a specific process I should be following to ensure the files can be exported as a pure SVG, or can be converted to SVG via image-R? Appreciate any help!
  2. Hi @DanC, thanks, that is great information. When I import the ai file I do get the two tick box options. I have tried all variations - both ticked, one ticked, none ticked etc. The result is the same. It looks like the ai is not saved in a format that allows me to convert the curves to text. Thanks @Chills also, good to know that even CS6 can't do the conversion. I will follow the suggestion from @carl123 and locate the closest font I can for future projects, and just insert new text to replace the elements that need replacing. Appreciate the help everyone
  3. Thanks @carl123 that is helpful. I downloaded Monggoland font, and was able to delete a number and insert the new text using this font. If I can't edit text directly, this is a good workaround!
  4. Hi, I have imported a AI file from Illustrator and want to change a text element in the file. In the example I have attached, I want to change the '8' to a '7' so the year shows as 1972 instead of 1982. I am new to AD, and am having trouble working out how to do it. All of the text is in curves. If I copy the '8' and try and change it, I cannot make any changes. I have tried changing the import settings (two checkboxes upon importing). I have also tried deleting the 8 and typing in a 7, however cannot find in the file what the font is that is being used, so cannot match it. Appreciate some advice
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