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  1. I asked OpenAI's DALL-E2 to draw a picture of a kitten who cannot understand the odd UI windows placement
  2. In Photoshop, they use the Menu heading "Windows" to encompass both uses. E.g. when you click on Windows there, you can interact with any open window document, as well as any app window (tool palette) its very logical My cat has considered writing a firm letter in regard to this oversight.
  3. Photoshop lists all the app windows under the Menu button called "Windows" Why doesn't Affinity Publisher do that? I'm sick of messing with a sub menu. And my cat doesn't like it either.
  4. There is a "background color" for a Master Page? Or, you mean, I have to draw a black rectangle and that's my background color?
  5. right thats what i'm doing now but i assumed there might be a variable called "PAGE_COLOR" where i could just set the page to black or grey or pink. It seemed like this would be an obvious feature to have on a Publisher app....
  6. YIKES There's a text frame indent AND a "decoration" indent. well that's a new one for me THANKS It is kinda awkward having a blue bounding box that doesn't conform to the "decoration box" But at least the margins are the same.
  7. E.g. if I have one page in the middle of my book that calls for all black (with white text on top), then whats the best way to do that? Currently, i'm just drawing a rectangle and placing it below the white text.
  8. When people have a fill, the AUTOSIZE is really important. Because you want to have an equal amount of spacing on the TOP LEFT RIGHT BOTTOM of the text body. E.g. if you put a white square of text over a black and white photo, currently you have to eyeball the width and height of your textbox. Can someone add this to the feature request?
  9. Ya, at least ESCAPE key should clear search results. they're driving me nuts Also, after you press ENTER, the search box is no longer focused. So, if you start typing a new query, you'll be typing IN YOUR DOCUMENT. I almost just lost a bunch of text. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  10. Backspace doesn't clear them Delete doesn't clear them Escape doesn't clear them ...
  11. Assume I have a JPEG in my Affinity document. Then, (while Affinity is open) I use Photoshop to make some changes in the JPEG, and I save the JPEG. Now, how can I direct Affinity to RELOAD / REFRESH this JPEG image in Affinity? Currently, I can use the Replace Image button to hunt for the JPEG. But the path and filename of the JPEG have not changed. I just want to click REFRESH to refresh the image in Affinity -- e.g. as you do in MS Word. Way to do that? Thanks!
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