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  1. Thanks. After some research I learned that it's just the OCIO config files from Blender 3.1 and later that are incompatible. I've replaced mine with the one from Blender 2.93, and everything now works as expected.
  2. I'm using Photo 1.10.5 on Mac OS 10.14.6. I've copied the colormanagement folder from the Blender 3.1.2 package contents to my user home directory, and in Photo preferences have selected the enclosed config.ocio file as the OpenColorIO Configuration file. I've also selected the enclosing colormanagement folder as the OpenColorIO Search Folder and restarted Photo. Having then inserted the OCIO adjustment layer at the top of the layer stack of my .exr multilayer, I'm unable to click on either the Source Color Space or Destination Color Space buttons, as though they were locked or grayed out. I'm having the same problem on MacOS 12.3.1.
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