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  1. Hi @MEB, thanks for the response. I'll upload the photo above (Sony Raw) and a Raw from my Canon M50 with the same strange effect. Perhaps the problem is more dramatic because of the strong LED lights, and for what reason ever you can clearly see peaked blues in the histogram, but... so... Lightroom, Luminar and the internal jpg encoders of both cameras are getting it. 🥴 By the way: when I use the standard MacOS Photo App and set it to use RAW as original (what in my understanding means the same as setting AP to "use Apple Engine") then there are no clippings. Everything is fine. Canon M50 jpg out of camera APv2 import on MacOS Monterey, intentionally overexposed Sony a7c.arwCanon m50.cr3
  2. A friend of mine took my cameras to take photos of my concerts. Like me, she is not a professional photographer. The first round had to be made with my older Canon M50, the second round with my newer Sony A7C. Because I do not develop RAWs very often, this is the first time I used APv2 for this. I used RAW with v1 a few times and can not remember having this problems there. At least not that obvious. But as already said i do not do Raw development often. So I am not sure if this is a v2 problem or an Affinity problem in general. I was very surprised to see, what APv2 does to the photos of both cameras after import. And I am not 100%, but quite sure this is a bug and not my fault, because I tried everything I found on the web in the settings (RGB32 instead of 16, turned off and on automatic adjustments, switched to Apple Raw Engine...) and finally did, what I NEVER EVER wanted to do: I bought a month of Adobe Lightroom. Result: Lightroom makes no problems and Luminar Neo shows my Raws also as expected. Here are some examples of the terrible color gradient distortions and magenta clippings APv2 does to my Raws. Sony A7C jpg out of camera: Imported into APv2 (Ipad, because I am on the road, but I had the same problems with the M50 on my Mac) Boosted exposure for being more obvious Lightroom - import without problems As already said I get the same problems with a totally different camera, with photos from a different show, on my Mac. And it is not a problem of some, but of all photos. On my Ipad I did not import directly from camera, but used the iOS Photo App to store the photos first. iOS 16.3.1 Mac OS Monterey What ist going on here? Is this a bug or a feature I do not understand? And if it is a feature, for monitoring clippings i.e.... then why is it exported into the jpg after development?
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