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  1. Well, thanks anyway. The software still rocks! (;
  2. Well, I'm both happy and sad... happy you might consider adding this feature and happy for other people. Having searched a lot it seems like many people have this problem. Maybe this (low cost) service uses old software, I don't know. Maybe they're just depending on Adobe a little bit too much. They've told me the problem is the online image upload that can't process other than that so PDF/X-1a:2001 goes automatically and all the others have to go to "revision" which I believe is nothing but human intervention on manually getting the file opened and checking for bugs. It's just that printing 500 two sided color business cards go for 19€/21$/16£ (give or take) total instead of 3 or 4 times what local business ask for. Imagine that for business cards for a few employees, campaign flyers, and other occasionally styff and the total goes way higher! Plus the service is surprisingly good! Well, thanks for the feedback. And, off course, keep up with the amazing software!
  3. Hello guys Am I the only one who actually needs the PDF/X-1a:2001 format instead of the available PDF/X-1a:2003? I'm sending these files to an online printing service and they accept only PDF/X-1a:2001 in order do skip their revision fee. Is there a way around this? A future feature update? Thanks (sorry if this is a duplicate post - searched but didn't find anything)
  4. joaojotta

    Extra points when merging shapes

    Thank you very much! Meanwhile I've tried the beta and it happens with fewer points so maybe they're trying to fix it... without much success... I don't know. p.s. I had replied to you that day but, apparently, I didn't press the "Add Reply" button.
  5. Hello everyone Am I the only one getting this error when merging two shapes? Why do this points keep appearing on the shames? There's one on the top end as well. And yes: they're perfectly aligned, she two sides match and there's no reason why the points are added. In fact, I believe they're added in different positions if I move both shapes to another place in the document.
  6. joaojotta

    [By Design] Buggy outline

    That, I believe, would mean the object would be selected by hovering the mouse. It's not the case. I can be creating other objects and that still happens. • • • • • • • EDIT • • • • • • • Thanks Andreas! That's the "Show snapping candidates" option. I do have the Snapping ON but last week I've tried new options just to get to know them and that does what it does (and I don't really understand the use of it). Thanks again! Snapping turned a light in my head and I managed to figure ir out.
  7. Hi all Is it me or should the object (on the left) lose the outline once it's not selected? Any setting that I'm missing? I'm using version 1.1.2. Thanks
  8. joaojotta

    Inaccuracy when expanding stroke

    Damn! You're fast and good. Thanks A LOT!!!!
  9. joaojotta

    Inaccuracy when expanding stroke

    Hope to see that update very soon! I'm stuck with this circle when I'm scaling it as is keeps it's line thickness and I don't think there's an option to scale the line as well.

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