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  1. Hi, no solution but also no problems with normal and compressed RAWs (X-T20) on Sierra.
  2. Before applying the vignette After applying the vignette What ist the reason for this behavior and what can I do to avoid it? Thanks.
  3. Hello again, are you able to fix this issue? Thanks
  4. Thanks! This is the screenshot from the picture in DxO immediately before the export to the DNG format: ... and this a screenshot after the import in Affinity Photo 1.5
  5. Affinity Photo doesn't read DxO DNG's correctly. I can provide a sample file if necessary (300MB). Thank you.
  6. Simply add a Blur Live Filter to a pixel layer. Select your properties. Select the Blur Live Filter "layer". Select the Gradient Tool. Apply a black and white gradient to the Blur Live Filter, NOT to the pixel layer. Note: you can not modify the gradient after selecting an other layer than the Blur Live Filter.
  7. Hey, I own the version of Affinity Photo 1.4.2. But I cannot find an exact explanation of the function "Stack -> skewness". Can you please help me to figure it out? Thanks. This ia a stack of star trails combined with "skewness", please, what does "skewness" exactly mean? Thank you,
  8. Hi, I made a selection from a layer and created a new layer from this selection. Now I select Filling with Inpainting mode. If I try to reduce the opacity of the Inpainting Affinity Photo crashes. OS X 10.11.5 on MacBook Air. PS: Using inpainting with opacity will always crash, independent of the number of layers.
  9. Affinity Photo Ver 1.4.1 OS X Ver 10.10.5 Channels right click (simulation with ctrl-click or two-finger-click) doesn't work on MacBook Air touch pad. It works with a real mouse.
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