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  1. HI Hope you can all help, I can not get affinity to launch, it was working fine until 2 weeks ago. I have reinstalled nemours times, updated my graphic drivers etc, rolled back a windows update. I can get every version to launch up until 1.9 from 1.9 onwards it will not load. It shows the art screen then just closes, can't see any errors nothing i tried to turn off the openCL compute acceleration on Windows. However because i uninstalled and reinstalled i don't have the option and when i try to add the line before settings, i get an error saying some of the options are missing and then just closes again. Just now i am having to use version 1.8.5 as this is the only one that will load and my files are all saved to the newer version All idea will be appreacated I am on windows 10 Processor AMD A10-8750 Radeon R7 its an older pc work great for everything apart from now Affinity will not open
  2. Thank you, when i try and launch the first screen appears if loading then vanishes, i can open the older version up until 1.8.5 anything after this will not load. It was working fine now it won'r and i have affinity files saved that will not open on the older version. I just tried to download again and its still doing the same. I have tried everything i can think of. So for now i am having to work off 1.8.5 version
  3. Hi I am having the same issue, I can not get the app to load at all. I have updated pc, deleted drivers reinstalled everything. It was working last week. Now not launching
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