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  1. Hi guys, I am currently attempting to export a rather large, complexly layered SVG file and am having trouble tracking down the content which gets rastered during export. I have actually noticed that sometimes certain grouped elements can create this effect, and by ungrouping then regrouping them can solve the problem, which i guess this may be a bug? My destination for the content must contain zero raster elements. My question is is it possible to identify specific elements which need to be rastered in order to export to SVG successfully so that i can remedy these instead of toggling visibility on everything by process of elimination until i find it? Edit: I have isolated the suggested bug as mentioned above, and have attached a file demonstrating this. Export to SVG indicated elements will be rastered, but if ungrouped then regrouped no rastering occurs and can be exported as normal. group.afdesign
  2. Hi Callum, Thank you :) Yes, I will send you a link asap. ~Thanks
  3. Hi there, So i am attempting to export a 500MP file to SVG, and after 5 hours it is still working away... Is CPU utilisation a reasonable way to know if it is 'still working' or is there a better way i can use to know if it hasn't just gotten into some kind of error-loop?