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  1. +1 For Data merge . . . can't cancel InDesign subscription until I can data merge with Excel!
  2. I am standing at the crossroads and I am not alone . . . stay with CS6 and wait for Affinity Publisher to complete the trinity that will replace InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop or commit to Adobe whilst the subscription offer is low and keep an eye on how the 'Affinity Trinity' develop in the next few years? Either way please make it your priority to incorporate the ability to open or import InDesign to Publisher, Illustrator to Designer and Photoshop to Photo. Then and only then I will I have the faith to switch. I have used InDesign since it was conceived and left the embryo sac of Aldus Pagemaker and it only really started to out grow QuarkXpress when designers could open, import and export files, but as it required an additional plugin the transition was slow. If it had been free and incorporated into the software then it would have been much faster and less problematic. Please learn from the past.
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