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  1. Hello to you all, Thank you for the replies. I am very happy with APhoto, but e.g. as for now my thesis has nearly 700 footnotes (hah, try Ctrl+A on that), and I look forward to publish similar texts. It would be just too bad if APublisher did not support ANY footnote/endnote implementation. I mean having a tool to edit and create printed materials AND books, without the annual subscription... or maybe it is asking for too much.
  2. Sorry for not reading 45 pages of forum. I just wanted to know whether Affinity Publisher supports footnotes/endnotes or not. I do not want to tell about my habits, likes or dislikes. I want a piece of software that can be used for publishing books, also scientific articles and the standards in my country prefer the footnotes style (but that is the case also in the Chicago style). Can someone tell me if Affinity Publisher can do it in some sort of organized way or is it necessary to do it manually? Is it possible to paste the DOC file with footnotes and the footnotes will appear accordingly? Thank you
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